Enabling Workforce Compliance Management in the Public Sector

Designed to significantly simplify, speed up and reduce costs from the entire pre-screening, compliance and onboarding process for any new hires. Our intelligent role-based platform, easy to integrate and manageable without a compliance specialist, has reduced the onboarding and cost-per-hire across the public sector.

To see how we have streamlined the pre-employment compliance and workforce management process for other public sector organisations, please request a copy of our case study.

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Introducing Your Digital Compliance Management Solution


Our intelligent role-based compliance engine offers tailored packages of compliance and safeguarding checks by specific roles, this can be pre-configured and specific to each council.

Digital Automation

With deep integrations with all the major vetting bodies our customers benefit from an easy-to-use interface and a fast, secure platform to work on. 

Quicker Validation

Our tool is built for simplicity, it can be managed and administered by the hiring team as opposed to needing a separate compliance function. It is built with audit and inspection in mind and stores every record securely meaning when it comes to compliance and safeguarding you’ll be able to rest assured.

Digital Candidate

Our individual candidate profiles allow and encourage each candidate to manage their full suite of documentation, everything from completing a new DBS, renewing a training certificate or warning you about an expiring drivers’ license.


Our full workforce reporting and monitoring allows a large workforce to be managed by a small number of individuals. With automated reminders and customisable features you are able to ensure your whole workforce is fully compliant.

Remote Access

Our cloud-based app is built with user experience in mind, whether it’s taking a selfie to validate identity or updating personal information on the go, our tool supports your whole organisation in managing their own compliance from anywhere at anytime.

Helping to Streamline Your Compliance Processes

Resource Demand

Meet Resource Demands Quicker

Connecting Teams

Connect Teams Across
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Remove Manual Processes

Remove Manual Processes

Regulatory Requirements

Track Regulatory

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